CDA485 (Naval Brass, High Leaded)

CDA485 (Naval Brass, High Leaded)

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Naval brass is the classic marine, high-strength and corrosion-resistant alloy containing 60 percent copper, .75 percent tin and 39.2 percent zinc.

It is widely used in marine construction where strong, corrosive-resistant and hard material is required and is suitable for both salt and fresh water applications. Naval brass is used in propeller shafts, marine hardware, decorative fittings, shafting, propeller shafts and turn buckles. There are also many industrial applications, such as welding rods, condenser plates, structural uses, valve stems, balls, heat exchanger tubes, aircraft turnbuckle barrels, dies, and many more.


High ductility, high electrical and thermal conductivity, high impact strength, good creep resistance, ease of welding, and low volatility under high vacuum.

Round, Square, Rectangular, Hexagonal, Profile

Common Fabrication Processes
Hot Forging and Pressing, Machining

Typical Uses

Screw Machine Parts, Light Bearings, Valve Stems, Gears.

Marine Hardware, Seawater Valve Stems.

Casting Characteristics
No casting characteristics available for this alloy.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATION DOWNLOAD  CDA485 (Naval Brass, High Leaded) (16 downloads)


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