CDA385 (High Speed Free Machining Brass)

CDA385 (High Speed Free Machining Brass)

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Free machining brass is the most versatile and commonly used copper-alloy bar stock used in both the North and South American Markets, second only to copper itself! It is used to make a variety of screw machine products.

It’s 100 percent machinability stems from a favorable interaction between the material’s basic structure and a few percentages of lead. The result is an alloy with good engineering properties and the ability to be machined at an extremely low cost.

Round, Square, Rectangular, Hexagonal, Profile

Common Fabrication Processes
Hot Forging and Pressing, Hot forming and bending, Machining

Typical Uses
Handrails, Thresholds, Terrazzo Strip, Shower Doors, Privacy Sun Grills, Trim, Store Fronts, Architectural Forgings, Extrusions, Architectural Mouldings, Window Mullions, Bathroom Partition Brackets, Door Frames, Elevator Trim

Builders Hardware
Lock Bodies, Drawer Pulls, Slide Bolts, Drawer Handles, Lock Cams, Hinges, Butts

Straight Edges, Picture Frames, Hot Combs (to Straighten Hair), Fireplace Screens, Lamps, Handles, Squeegee Retainers, Funeral Urns

Valve Seats, Valves, Gauges, Press Brake Ram Clamps, Forgings, Valve Stems, Valve Trim, Wheeled Racks

Gun Sights

Casting Characteristics
No casting characteristics available for this alloy.



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