Non Ferrous Metal Works

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Non-Ferrous Metals – Company Profile

Non-Ferrous Metal Works Group was founded in 1947 and is still a family business. A family which has grown to over 500 co-workers imbued with a spirit of loyalty and commitment to each other, the company and our customers.

Our employees come from all corners of the globe since it is company policy to try and obtain the best people and technology from whatever source and thereafter maintain a position of leadership by constant personal contact with both competition and technical institutions world-wide.

Most important, however, we have an exceptionally loyal and skilled workforce, the majority of whom have been with the company over 10 and a very high proportion over 20 years and more. It is the expertise and pride in their work which has assured the rapid growth of our Group and the ever increasing demand, especially for our Extruded Brass and Continuous Cast Bronzes world-wide.

Beside two manufacturing facilities and six distribution outlets in Southern Africa, the Group has associates and strong ties with companies in all five continents and a customer network over 30 countries.

Non Ferrous Metal Manufacturer

Mission Statement

Non-Ferrous Metal Works (SA) (Pty) Ltd strives to maintain sustained profitable growth through the combined leverage of its core competencies, shared strategic vision , market leverage and a motivated organization. Non-Ferrous Metal Works (SA) (Pty) Ltd embraces a “First Time Right” policy in an endeavour to provide unsurpassed customer service and a quality product that meets our customers specific requirements.